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Half Marathon training update

Half Marathon training update

Hi friends! Jeff has kindly reminded me that when I started this thing the whole point was to have a place to talk about both reading and running (or working out in general), and I’ve really been neglecting the running aspect. So I thought I […]

Book Review: My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent

Book Review: My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent

Hi Bookworms! My Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent is a book I’ve been hearing about a lot recently (both good things and not-so-good things). It has been billed as a haunting story with fierce language and a dark side. With a description like that I […]

Whole30 – Week 3 Are we done yet?

Whole30 – Week 3 Are we done yet?

Hi friends!

I have to be honest, this week on Whole30 was super rough for me. I am so ready to be done! At this point during my last Whole30, I was feeling great, both mentally and physically. I was sleeping better, not getting tired in the middle of the day, feeling great throughout my body, and  even-keeled calmer. This time not so. I’m exhausted, moody (sorry Jeff), and my body feels like crap. I hope next week is better, but I’m really looking forward to being done and hopefully feeling a little more normal. In addition, I got sick this week, which really made Whole30 a challenge for me. When I’m sick, all I want is comfort food, breads, and other plain things that are easy on my stomach, but those aren’t allowed during Whole30. So I stuck to eggs, carrots, and salads. It was a challenge, but I made it through (not sure if I got over being sick faster than I would have if I hadn’t been on Whole30).


Monday/Saturday: Bacon and egg scramble = We used Whole30 compliant bacon from Whole Foods, eggs, peppers, an apple, sweet potatoes, and other spices. The general recipe can be found here, but we modify it a bit when we make it (like using bacon instead of ham, and adding red peppers).

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday = Egg bake – Jeff tried a few new spices when he cooked the ground turkey and I think it turned out really well (he added cloves, garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika).

Thursday = My normal omelet – Eggs, tomatoes, spinach, salsa.

Sunday = We tried a new recipe! Jeff made a sweet potato and apple breakfast bake.  It was really different than what we normally eat and it turned out really well.



Lunches were super boring and were either my normal salad I’ve been eating or the cauliflower fried rice (both of which are tasty but how many photos can I show of the same exact salad!?!).


Monday = We tried our hand at cauliflower steaks – they turned out fine but not something I think we’ll bother to make again. We had a side of sauteed kale with garlic and that had a great flavor but I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture. 

Tuesday = Chicken with coconut milk, peppers, and onions with a side of lime cauliflower rice! It was super tasty.

Wednesday = Salmon, pesto, and veggies!

Thursday = Spaghetti squash with chicken, pesto, tomatoes, and green beans. I’ll spare you the photo, the meal is probably the least photogenic but believe it’s amazing!

Friday = We got home late from a movie so I just fried up two eggs and ate those with a side of sausage and tomatoes. Jeff had a huge bowl of sauteed veggies.

Saturday = More coconut shrimp! We’re really enjoying this – I tried out a new almond butter dipping sauce with coconut milk and I think it turned out awful but Jeff liked it (though he eats everything, so who knows if it was any good).

Sunday = Chicken pot pie twice baked potatoes! They turned out really well. The potato part was creamy because of the coconut milk and it was a different taste than our standard sheet bakes which was a nice change up at this point in the Whole30.


I know Melissa (co-founder) of Whole30 would not approve of these anymore, but Jeff and I cooked up some plantain “chips” on Saturday and Sunday. We don’t actually make them crispy, we just slice plantains, cover in coconut oil and cinnamon, and bake for 10 minutes and then flip and bake for another 8 -10 minutes! They come out warm and soft and amazing.

One more week to go! Thanks for following along on the journey, and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Did anyone watch some football today?

Book Review: The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Book Review: The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Hi friends! I’m so excited about the book review I have for you today. If you’re like me, you’ve seen signs/ads for TNT’s new show, The Alienist.  And if you’re anything like me, you like to read the book before watching the movie/TV show. Caleb […]

Whole30 – Week 2 eats

Whole30 – Week 2 eats

Hey guys! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and got a chance to relax, read, run, watch a little football or anything else you do to unwind. Week 2 of Whole30 has come to a close and I’m feel really great. Of course I still […]

Book Review: The English Wife by Lauren Willig

Book Review: The English Wife by Lauren Willig

Hi Readers!

Thanks to Goodreads Giveaways (and St. Martin’s Press) I got a chance to read The English Wife by Lauren Willig, which comes out today (January 9th), and this one did not disappoint!

The English Wife

When Janie’s brother Bayard is found with a knife in his chest, and his wife Annabelle presumed drowned in the Hudson, she is sure that her brother isn’t responsible as the papers suggest. With the help of a reporter, Janie begins to dig into the past of the brother she wasn’t close with and his mysterious English wife. The more she learns about their pasts, the more Janie realizes she might not have known them at all.

I love a good historical mystery, and this book did not disappoint. The story sucked me in from the start and I couldn’t put it down (ask Jeff). The story is set in NYC in the 1890’s and begins with the murder. From there the story alternates between the present, with Janie and her family trying to come to terms with what has happened, and the past, showing Bayard and Annabelle’s lives up until the murder.

Janie was a great character. While still very believable for the time period, she grew throughout the story and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what she believed by the end of the story. Annabelle and Bayard were both dynamic characters, with a lot of history both between them and before they met that slowly came out in the story.  Anne (Janie’s cousin) was a feisty, scandalous woman, who added snark and wit to the story, and I really grew to like her. Mrs. Van Duyvil (Janie and Bayard’s mother) was a strict, proper high society woman, and I hated her through out the entire story (she was written so well, Willig did a great job creating her).

There were several twists and turns throughout the story, some that I did see coming and several that I didn’t (including who the real murderer was). The story wrapped up nicely, with almost every question answered, and I thoroughly enjoyed how it ended. The writing was witty and the dialogue moved, with a nice amount of smart back-and-forth between characters, including plenty of literary references!

Rating 5/ 5 – A great historical mystery, with plenty of juicy family drama, twists and turns, and witty writing. I highly suggest picking up this book now that its out! 

Whole30 – Week 1 in the books!

Whole30 – Week 1 in the books!

Hey friends! I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of 2018. Week 1 of my second Whole30 is in the books and so far, so good (check out my first day post here). I really struggled on day 2: work was super stressful and […]

Book Review: The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Book Review: The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

Hey Readers! The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin comes out January 9, 2018, and I was lucky enough to snag an ARC last month. Check out what I thought about this book that is already starting to get a lot of attention this year!   If […]

Whole 30 take two

Whole 30 take two

Happy 2018!

Last March I convinced Jeff to try Whole30 with me. I’m a sugar fiend and love it almost as much as I love Michigan football.  But all the sugar I was eating wasn’t serving me any purpose. After doing a ton of research (perks of being the daughter of a librarian, thanks Mom!) Whole30 seemed like a great program to try (I heard of it through Peanut Butter Runners Blog).

Whole30 isn’t a diet, it’s a 30 day food reset that helps you to determine which foods actually work for your particular body. By cutting out foods that are known to have a negative effect on your body (such as dairy, added sugar, legumes, and alcohol to name a few) for 30 days and then slowing reintroducing one group at a time you’re able to see how eating certain foods actually affect you. If you’re interested in Whole30 at all I highly suggest reading It Starts with Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This book covers everything you need to know about starting the program.

While the 30 days were tough, Jeff and I loved it. When we’re not traveling, Jeff still sticks pretty close to the Whole30 rules even now almost a year later. I, however, love bread too much still to cut it out, so it has made it back into my life. Although now I try to only eat bread that I’m excited about (like tasty sourdough) rather than just any bread that comes with a meal.

After all the drinking and sugary snacks I’ve consumed during December, my sugar dragon (Melissa Hartwig’s term for sugar cravings) is back and needs to be kicked to the curb. Jeff and I will be doing our second Whole30 starting today, January 1 (technically Jeff did a second Whole30 alone in May last year, but this is our second together), with a lot of amazing other people, as Whole30 is running a January group to help people kick start the new year.

My goal is to post what Jeff and I are eating for our meals once a week or so, but please remember I’m not an expert, and while I try super hard to follow the rules I may mess something up so please use the website and book as your guides to the process rather than me. 

One thing Jeff and I found during our first Whole30 was a great egg bake. We make this once or twice a week and then simply re-heat in the morning for a breakfast option that is fast, high in protein, and full of veggies. It’s also great because you can really customize the bake based on what you have on hand. We’ve made this with broccoli instead of peppers, a different kind of meat (and even meatless), and a ton of other combinations.

To start you peel and shred small sweet potato, cover bottom of pan, I think this helps hold the egg bake together and gives it a type of crust. 

Chop up the onions and peppers (or whatever veggies you’re using) while you’re browning the turkey on the stove top. Add the veggies to the pan and add in the turkey once its fully cooked.



Chop up the spinach and add it to the pan. Scramble a dozen eggs and pour those over everything. Finally, top with sliced tomatoes.

Place in the oven for 40 minutes at ~425 degrees. I like to turn on the broiler after 40 minutes and leave it in for another 10 minutes or so to get the top crispy. After its cooled, cut into individual serving sizes and store for up to a week. When you’re ready to eat it just heat up a piece!

Happy Whole30ing! Let me know if you’re doing Whole30 this month too!

Breakfast Egg Bake

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes
Servings 8


  • 1 small sweet potato
  • ½ onion
  • 1 large pepper
  • 1 lb of turkey
  • 1 cup of spinach or more to taste
  • 12 eggs
  • 1 tomato
  • Oil Olive


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  2. Coat bottom of 8 x 10 pan in olive oil.
  3. Peel and shred small sweet potato, cover bottom of pan.
  4. Chop onion and pepper and spread evenly in pan.
  5. Brown turkey on stove top (I brown mine in coconut oil to add a little extra flavor) and add evenly into pan.
  6. Chop spinach and add evenly into the pan.
  7. Crack 12 eggs into a bowl and scramble, pour over ingredients in pan.
  8. Thinly slice tomato and place on top of pan.
  9. Bake for 40 minutes in the oven, then turn the oven to broil and broil up to 10 minutes or until the tomatoes and spinach have started to crisp.

Running Out Of Pages 2018 Reading Challenge

Running Out Of Pages 2018 Reading Challenge

Hi friends! In the last few years I have really gotten into participating in reading challenges. I read a lot and I feel like picking a challenge or two helps me branch out from my normal reading habits and be more deliberate with my reading […]

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