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Book Review: The Sky is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith

Book Review: The Sky is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith

Hey bookworms!

I’ve got a book review that I’m really excited about to share with you today. I’ve been wanting to read The Sky is Yours since last year when I first heard about it, I mean just look at that cover! The book came out January 23, and this story was a pleasant surprise for me and different than my normal fantasy reads.

Under the watchful eye of the two dragons who suddenly appeared above Empire Island, torching and forever circling the island, three young adults are suddenly thrust into the gritty, violent world when Ripple’s family mansion is attacked. Ripple, a spoiled reality star; Baroness Swan, his fiance; and Abby, his girlfriend–who he found living on an island of trash when his Howfly crashed, find themselves alone in the world, battling not only the monsters above, and those that have been created below, but also those lurking inside themselves.

This book started off very slow for me. I loved the premise, but it took a while before I became invested in the story. I think this was due to my immediate dislike of Ripple. As the story progressed, he turned out to be an interesting character that I went back and forth on. On one hand I hate him. He’s all the worst parts of a stereotypical spoiled, rich, college boy. He’s sexist, egotistical, thinks he’s god’s gift to the Earth, and calls women wenches. On the other hand, he has moments of genuinely caring about those around him and several times did what was right, not just what was easy.  

I love Swanny (or Baroness Swan). She was smart, witty, and didn’t take shit from anyone (including her philandering fiance or the king of the underworld). The teeth issue Swanny had was a weird addition that was actually kinda cool, but I felt the author didn’t fully explore this part of the plot; as the story went on, she just kind of let this plot point go. I felt bad for Abby, the girl raised and left alone on a island of garbage before she meets Ripple. That said, I loved seeing her grow as a person throughout the story once she left the island and learned more about the rest of the world. The twist about her past at the end blew me away. I didn’t see it coming and loved how intertwined to the story she became.

The secondary characters were interesting, and I loved Uncle Osmond (and his relationship with Swanny when she needed someone most) and Sharkey. They both weren’t what they appeared to be on the surface, and I enjoyed their parts of the story.

The book contained a lot of large/uncommon vocab (mostly from Swanny who was a voracious reader).  It fit the story/characters and didn’t seemed forced. I do wish I was on my kindle a few times because I would have loved to look up a few words that I was unsure about.

In the end, I really enjoyed this story. It was a unique plot that had plenty of new ideas to offer. I do think there was a little too much going on at times, and, because of that, some story lines just sorta faded into the background rather than actually being wrapped up at the end.

Rating 4/ 5 – This was a fun new dystopian fantasy that had more going on than the blurb suggested. Although I’m still not sure what to think of Ripple, the leading ladies were wonderful, fascinating characters. This is a fun pick up for any fantasy fan.

Thank you to the following for permitting me access to a copy of The Sky is Yours. This generosity did not impact my honesty when rating/reviewing.
Source: Blogging for Books
Author: Chandler Klang Smith
Publisher: Hogarth
Pub Date: 23 January 2018

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