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Half Marathon training update

Half Marathon training update

Hi friends!

Jeff has kindly reminded me that when I started this thing the whole point was to have a place to talk about both reading and running (or working out in general), and I’ve really been neglecting the running aspect. So I thought I would give you all an update on how my training is going for my half marathon in DC this March.

I’ve been following Peanut Butter Runners 12 week intermediate half marathon training plan (I started the week of January 1st)  and will be on week 10 when the half rolls around. The plan runs the program Monday through Sunday with long runs on Saturday. With my crazy work schedule (I have a different work schedule each week with different hours and different travel time to offices), I’m not able to plan my long runs for the same day each week, and I run my schedule on a Sunday through Saturday plan to match with my work calendar.

Training has been going well so far, but it’s been really cold in NYC the first few weeks of January so my long runs have mostly been on a treadmill, which hasn’t been ideal, but totally doable with Netflix and my kindle.

Sunday – I attended my favorite weight class, Body Pump! It’s a nation wide weight class that uses barbells and I love it. I always leave feeling really strong.

Monday – I know I shouldn’t do back to back weight classes, but my favorite instructors teach Body Pump on Sunday and Monday mornings, so if I get a chance to take the classes I always go for it.  Thus, this Monday was another day of Body Pump.  I hadn’t done the new release before Sunday (it’s a set program that every class is doing no matter where you’re taking it), so while I struggled a little Sunday I felt much better on Monday having done the release once already and left feeling good.

Tuesday – Due to the the sun setting pretty early right now I had to do my long run inside – per the schedule my long run was only 6 miles this week. I’m not the fastest runner by any means and for some reason I always run way slower on the treadmill than outside. I finished the 6 miles in 65 minutes. 

Wednesday – I woke up super early to get in a yoga class and then my instructor never showed! I was so mad – I struggle when I don’t go to the gym with a set plan so I ended up doing a 10 minute ab workout, a short upper body weight circuit, and a 10 minute yoga flow on my own at the end.

Thursday – 4 miles on the treadmill – finished in around 48 minutes.

Friday – I did a total body work out from Peanut Butter Runner (I mixed it up just a little by adding push ups in). I did each superset twice (I didn’t have a ton of time). Jeff also took some photos of me for a push up post that’s coming in February!

Saturday – Rest day! I had to work and needed to run a few errands after work with Jeff so I took the day off.

Sunday – I have a 3 mile run planned after work (again on the treadmill because it will be dark out when I get home from work).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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