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Whole30 – Week 3 Are we done yet?

Whole30 – Week 3 Are we done yet?

Hi friends!

I have to be honest, this week on Whole30 was super rough for me. I am so ready to be done! At this point during my last Whole30, I was feeling great, both mentally and physically. I was sleeping better, not getting tired in the middle of the day, feeling great throughout my body, and  even-keeled calmer. This time not so. I’m exhausted, moody (sorry Jeff), and my body feels like crap. I hope next week is better, but I’m really looking forward to being done and hopefully feeling a little more normal. In addition, I got sick this week, which really made Whole30 a challenge for me. When I’m sick, all I want is comfort food, breads, and other plain things that are easy on my stomach, but those aren’t allowed during Whole30. So I stuck to eggs, carrots, and salads. It was a challenge, but I made it through (not sure if I got over being sick faster than I would have if I hadn’t been on Whole30).


Monday/Saturday: Bacon and egg scramble = We used Whole30 compliant bacon from Whole Foods, eggs, peppers, an apple, sweet potatoes, and other spices. The general recipe can be found here, but we modify it a bit when we make it (like using bacon instead of ham, and adding red peppers).

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday = Egg bake – Jeff tried a few new spices when he cooked the ground turkey and I think it turned out really well (he added cloves, garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika).

Thursday = My normal omelet – Eggs, tomatoes, spinach, salsa.

Sunday = We tried a new recipe! Jeff made a sweet potato and apple breakfast bake.  It was really different than what we normally eat and it turned out really well.



Lunches were super boring and were either my normal salad I’ve been eating or the cauliflower fried rice (both of which are tasty but how many photos can I show of the same exact salad!?!).


Monday = We tried our hand at cauliflower steaks – they turned out fine but not something I think we’ll bother to make again. We had a side of sauteed kale with garlic and that had a great flavor but I wasn’t a huge fan of the texture. 

Tuesday = Chicken with coconut milk, peppers, and onions with a side of lime cauliflower rice! It was super tasty.

Wednesday = Salmon, pesto, and veggies!

Thursday = Spaghetti squash with chicken, pesto, tomatoes, and green beans. I’ll spare you the photo, the meal is probably the least photogenic but believe it’s amazing!

Friday = We got home late from a movie so I just fried up two eggs and ate those with a side of sausage and tomatoes. Jeff had a huge bowl of sauteed veggies.

Saturday = More coconut shrimp! We’re really enjoying this – I tried out a new almond butter dipping sauce with coconut milk and I think it turned out awful but Jeff liked it (though he eats everything, so who knows if it was any good).

Sunday = Chicken pot pie twice baked potatoes! They turned out really well. The potato part was creamy because of the coconut milk and it was a different taste than our standard sheet bakes which was a nice change up at this point in the Whole30.


I know Melissa (co-founder) of Whole30 would not approve of these anymore, but Jeff and I cooked up some plantain “chips” on Saturday and Sunday. We don’t actually make them crispy, we just slice plantains, cover in coconut oil and cinnamon, and bake for 10 minutes and then flip and bake for another 8 -10 minutes! They come out warm and soft and amazing.

One more week to go! Thanks for following along on the journey, and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Did anyone watch some football today?

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