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Running Out Of Pages 2018 Reading Challenge

Running Out Of Pages 2018 Reading Challenge

Hi friends!

In the last few years I have really gotten into participating in reading challenges. I read a lot and I feel like picking a challenge or two helps me branch out from my normal reading habits and be more deliberate with my reading while still giving me time to read whatever I want.

I’m sure I’ll participate in MMD’s challenge again this year (check out this post and this post about what I read for the 2017 MMD reading challenge) because it’s just long enough to challenge me without being so long making it overwhelming.  However, I couldn’t find another reading challenge that really looked great to me (PopSugar’s is 40 categories and that just seems like a huge chunk of my reading life).

So I decided to do what every other book blogger seems to be doing and make one of my own! I want to keep being mindful of what I’m reading and I think challenges are a great way to do it.

Jeff  and my mom have also agreed to participate in this reading challenge so at the end of every month I’ll update you on what categories we choose to complete (I’m not making them go in any order, I don’t want to dictate their reading life that much!) and what books we read for the category we each picked! I hope you guys will want to join in as well and I would love to hear what you will/want to read for each category.

Click Running Out Of Pages 2018 Reading Challenge to get a printable PDF version to download!

P.S. Thanks so much for the help with the drawing, Jeff! Who knew that he was so much better at drawing/creative things than me (well I did, but still it’s super nice to have his help when mine wouldn’t even have looked like a book.).

Let me know if you’re going to participate! I hope you all will join me!


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