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NYC Turkey Trot 15K recap

NYC Turkey Trot 15K recap


This morning Jeff and I ran the NYC Turkey Trot 15K. It was both great and not so great.

 P.S. for every person that comments on Jeff’s mustache he’s donating to the Movember foundation – so comment away please!


The race started on Roosevelt Island at 9:15, which is pretty close to our apartment so we were able to sleep in and take our time getting there. We had to pick up out packets at the start and that went pretty smooth.


The start of the race was a mess! Everyone had to walk in front of the starting line and then funnel into an area that was too small for all the racers. When the gun went off (pretty close to 9:15 which was great) everyone had to funnel through and area between the gates that was only about 2 people wide.

In addition to the 15K there was also a 5K, which started at the same time. Which means that some of the 5K participants started before the 15Kers and we had to get around them, which was not easy on this particular course!

For the 15K we just did three laps of the course while the 5Kers only did one, which means after the first lap things got much better! There wasn’t many people running the 15K so we had plenty of room after the first few minutes.

I’m going to be honest, I had a hard time with this race. I haven’t been running that much lately and I was struggling to breathe due to the cold weather. I still finished in 1:31 which isn’t bad for me!

The best part was we got cinnamon rolls at the end! So great. Also the views were amazing.


We also bumped into some friends after the race that we had no idea were also running which was super random and really nice! Running, just bringing people together!

My splits are below – I accidentally restarted my watch after the race while we were walking home which is why mile 9 was so slow and there’s a mile 10 at all! I’m so happy this race was on the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of actually on Thanksgiving so I was able to participate! On to my next race, the Rock ‘N’ Roll half in DC in March!

I hope everyone had a great Saturday and enjoys a relaxing Sunday!

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