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Gameday x Black Tie

Gameday x Black Tie

Hi! I hope everyone is having a wonderful (and relaxing) Labor day!

Jeff and I were in Kentucky this weekend for a wedding of two of his friends from Law School (so many lawyers!) and we had a great time visiting Kentucky for the first time.

We flew into the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport on Friday, which thankfully was in Kentucky not Ohio! Just to be sure everyone knew our allegiance on a plane landing extremely close to Ohio we made sure to dress accordingly. Before the flight I got my workout in as I was unsure how much I would be able to do on the trip. 1 mile run to the pool, 30 minute swim, 30 minute bike ride, 1 mile run home. This triathlon is coming up fast!

We landed on time after a VERY bumpy ride thanks to Hurricane Harvey making his way up north (I’ll take a bumpy ride any day if that means Houston finally has a break from all the rain/weather they’ve been dealing with).  We checked into our hotel and decided to take advantage of one of the perks of being back in the Midwest, Jet’s Pizza! Really the best pizza there is. Detroit style or “square” pizza seems to becoming a trendy style of pizza for restaurants to have here in NYC, which I love!


Saturday we woke up like kids on Christmas morning because it was GAME DAY and the start of football season! We decked ourselves out from our hats to our shoes, grabbed our rental car, and hit the road to get down to Lexington for the wedding that night.


On the way to the hotel we stopped by FIJI’s national headquarters. Jeff was a FIJI is college (we meet through Greek life) and we thought we should take advantage of the fact we were going to have some time to kill while being so close to there national headquarters. Rob kindly agreed to spend some of his Saturday showing us around and we had a great time.

Once we checked into our hotel it was time to put on the game (University of Michigan if you couldn’t tell by now) and get ready for the wedding! The game started out a little rocky and the delay while the refs determined if there was a targeting call on the second play really put us behind for how much of the game we were going to get to watch before heading to the venue. We had a little fun getting ready while still showing our school pride (don’t worry we both changed shoes before the wedding).

On the way to the venue and while we were waiting for the wedding to start we watched as much of the game as Jeff’s service would allow.

Not to pleased with that play
Waiting for the wedding to start!

The ceremony was beautiful, they combined both Catholic and Jewish elements and everyone looked amazing! After the ceremony we finished watching the game while cocktail hour was going on and thankfully we pulled out a win! The rest of the evening was full of dancing, eating, and drinking!

Celebratory Champagne!

Sunday the bride and groom had arranged a distillery tour of a local bourbon manufacture Buffalo Trace. The tour was great, Jeff and I love brewery and winery tours but had never really seen how bourbon was made so we learned a lot. Sadly, we were reminded at the tasting how much we really dislike Bourbon. We did love the Bourbon balls (chocolate) they passed out and the Bourbon cream root beer float!

After a lovely visit to Kentucky to celebrate the wedding of two great people we headed back to NYC to enjoy our Labor day!


Today started off with a hour bike ride, followed by a 5 mile run at 9:38 pace! Not to bad! We’re less than a week from the triathlon so I’ve started to taper to gear up for the big day but still wanted to get in a good work out this morning. A trip to Trader Joe’s and a ton of meal prep is rounding out our day off.  I wasn’t able to read a ton over the weekend but I did finish up The Geek Feminist Revolution (the author made some really great points throughout the book) and I’m hoping to finish up The Gut tonight before diving back into some fiction. I just picked up the most recent in Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Sypness series and I can’t wait to get started!


I hope everyone has a great week!



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