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Here’s to doing something we’re afraid of!

Here’s to doing something we’re afraid of!

Hi guys!


I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you enjoy reading about the two loves of my life (well the 2 that aren’t my husband who is currently working as my IT personnel, hi Jeff!), running and reading!

Thanks for starting this crazy journey with me. Over the past few years I’ve always had the idea of starting a blog in the back of my mind, but I always brushed off actually starting one with lame excuses; I’m too busy, I work too much, no one cares what I have to say. A few weekends ago when Jeff and I were back in the Mitten visiting our wonderful friends and family I had a conversation (while eating the most delicious chicken salad sandwich from Russell Street Deli in Eastern Market before getting some superman ice cream from Mootown) about the curation of people’s lives on-line and in social media.


Superman ice cream – one of the best inventions to come out of Michigan


And the more I thought about it the more I realized that that was what was stopping me from starting this (and the fact that computers and I don’t actually get along very well), the idea that I would never be the fastest runner, the most well read individual (I love a good urban fantasy), or the wittiest writer (please, I’m still working on my spelling at 27 years old), that my blog wouldn’t be as “pretty” as others or as well crafted or that I wouldn’t talk about the most popular books. But guess what, who cares! Yes, I run slow, but I love it and it keeps me sane. Yes, I don’t always want to read the bestseller or the books of the New York Times bestseller list, but I love to devour a great story about almost anything (currently reading a fascinating book about the gut, yes like the gut inside of you).


So here it goes, this leap of faith in myself. I’m not sure how often I’ll actually post, how awesome my content will ever be, or even how many people read this (Hi mom!) but I’m not writing this for the world. I’m writing it for me. Poor spelling (sorry mom!), excesses amount of fantasy books, and 11 minute miles and all. Thanks for coming along for the ride! 


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  • You must already know that I will read your every word! I love your first post and eagerly await the next one! Can’t wait to read about your reads. Excited. To read about your thoughts as the triathlon approaches. And you know I want to read about your IT guy!!!

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